BoNT(Botulinum NeuroToxin)

Figure BoNT/B X-ray structure was visualized in ribbon diagram. It consists of
three different functional domains: catalytic, translocation, and binding domain

Figure  The catalytic active site of BoNT binds to the substrate molecule, synaptobrevin (pink)

Figure  Final MD snapshot structures of the two different catalytic domains(i.e. with belt
and without belt region were superimposed for the structure comparison

Figure  Loop flexibility of catalytic domains. The flexibility changed loops were colored in red
or blue depending on increasing or decreasing the movement.


HIV1-IN (Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1-INtegrase)

Figure HIV IN dimer structure of two functional domains:
catalytic and C-terminal domain

Figure MD snapshot structures of HIV IN dimer


HIV1-RT (Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1-Reverse Transcriptase)

Figure  HIV-RT X-ray structure with DNA template (red) and primer (blue). RT structure
consists of two domains: p53(green) and p61(brown)

Figure  Solvent accessible surface shows the space arrangement of the active site.

Figure  dNTP binding site detail

Figure  Binding mode comparison for the four different dNTPs in the active site.

E. coli Leucyl-tRNA Synthetase (LeuRS)

Figure Computer Generated 3D structure of E. coli LeuRS

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