Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
Prof. Keun Woo Lee (이근우 교수)

ssh and scp (telnet/ftp)
( For remote login to UNIX computer )

SSH Links: SSH/SCP Program Download: How to use ssh/scp:
  • 1. Login to UNIX/LINUX server from Window PC using ssh(i.e. putty.exe):
    • Double click putty.exe.
    • Type the server name (i.e. in the hostname box.
    • Type your ID in the "login:". (ex.) bio01 )
    • Type the password I gave you ath the "password:".

  • 2. Login to other UNIX/LINUX server from UNIX/LINUX server :
    • You don't need putty.exe because most UNIX systems have ssh command.
    • The command format is:
      $ ssh -l (your ID) (other server name) [enter]
      (ex.) $ ssh -l bio01 [enter]

    • Check the manual if you need more information:
      $ man ssh [enter]

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