Photo USA (1997-2004)

"These photos were taken by us when we ilved in USA
for the seven years." "We hope you have some fun here."
"보다 많은 감상의 자유를 주기 위해 사진제목은 제공되지 않습니다."
"Photo titile will not be provided to give more freedom."
-MIU (

San Francisco, CA (1997 & 1998)

Berkeley, CA (1998)

Orinda, CA (1998)

More places in CA (1998)

Houston, TX (1999)

Houston, TX (2000)

Fortworth, TX (2000)

Kemah, TX (2000)

Houston, TX (2001)

Houston, TX (2002)

Capital in Austin, TX (2002)

Houston, TX (2003)

Galveston, TX (2003)

Hill County near Austin, TX (2003)

Hollywood, CA (2003)

San Diego, CA (2003)

Houston, TX (2004)

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