APBC2011: Asis-Pacific Bioinformtics Cenference 2011

"Three Esteemed Scholars Visited Incheon-Korea for APBC2011."
(2010.10.29. Fri.)

Prof. Tanaka
President of CBI
Tokyo Medical and
Dental University

Prof. Gotoh
President of JSBI
Kyoto University

Prof. Lui
Vice Director of
Shanghai Center for
Bioinformation Tech.

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Incheon International Airport

"Now KOREA is preparing for G20 Summit Talk."
(2010.11.11-12, Seoul)

(The Logo is Korea traditional lantern.)

At Cruise Venus

"Dancing with Sea Gulls!"

Port Wolmido

Prof. Gotoh and Prof. Choi, Sunshim (KNU, Executive Committee of KSBSB)

Prof. Tanaka

Prof. Liu

The Decisive Moment! ^^

Dr. Liu, Jang Ryol (KRIBB, President of KSBSB) and Prof. Gotoh

Dr. Park, Keun-Joon (Life Tech., Executive Committee of KSBSB)

Another Decisive Moment! ^^

Dr. Lee, Byungwook (KOBIC)

Dr. Hong, Sun-Chan (KISTI, Executive Committee of KSBSB)

Two Great Scholars in front of Incheon Great Bridge

Dr. Kim, Young Joo (KRIBB, General Excutive of KSBSB)

Incheon Great Bridge

Mr. Jung, Touring support

Ms. Yun (KSBSB Office)

All together in front of criuse ship COSMOS
(I am at the right end. ^^ -Prof. Lee, Keun Woo-)

At the VIP Lounge of Hotel Sheraton (22nd Fl.)

(center) Prof. You, Wongsik (Gacheon Med. Coll., Executive Committee of KSBSB)

Dr. Park (Life Tech., Executive Committee of KSBSB)

Prof. Choi with her husband Dr. Kim

Prof. Lee and Prof. Gotoh

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    "Thank you all for your visiting!"

    Prof. Lee, Keun Woo (GNU)

    Organizing Committee Chair of APBC2011
    Executive Committee of KSBSB

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