Photos for

CBI-KSBSB Joint International Conference 2009

(Pusan Grand Hotel 2009/11/4-7)

-Photo by MIU (Prof. Keun Woo Lee (李根宇))-

I. Formal Photos

1. Openning Ceremony

2. Seminar Presentations

3. Distinguished Service Awards & OnBIT Award

4. Poster Awards, Gift Draws, and Closing Ceremony

II. Supplementary (Informal) Photos

S1. Banquet (Dinner Party)

(Note: This Full HD video file size is big: 1Gb. ^^)

S2. Moon Night Cruise

(185 Mb)                                 (138 Mb)

S3. Party for OnBIT Prize Awadee

S4. Candid Photos (at Hotel Lobby Etc.)

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